Sunday, November 22, 2009


The answers to this week's word puzzler (November C) were:

Q1. Sumo's fighting attire (3 points) MAWASHI

Q2. The aim of this sport is to hit the target (2 points) ARCHERY

Q3. Synchronised swimming was once called ______ ballet (1 point) WATER

Q4. A sport similar to cricket but played with a bat shaped like a paddle (3 points) VIGORO

Q5. Sport involving granite stones and brooms (3 points) CURLING

Two new entrants this week - welcome Jennifer and Laura! Hope you enjoyed the puzzle.

This week we have a 3 way tie, with Balrub, Plopper and Laura scoring the full 12 points on offer! Balrub remains in the lead for the month of November with 27 points.

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