Sunday, February 14, 2010

ANSWERS - February A

The answers to this week's mini crossword puzzle (Word Puzzler - February A) were:

Q1. 2002 Winter Olympics (Salt Lake City) mascot trio, a ______, a hare and a bear  ( 2 points)  COYOTE

Q2. Sidekick of the 2010 Winter Olympics mascots, a Vancouver Island ______ (1 point)  MARMOT

Q3. 1998 Winter Olympics (Nagano) mascot quartet, four ____ (2 points)  OWLS

Q4. 2000 Summer Olympics (Sydney) mascot trio, a __________, a platypus and an echidna  (2 points)  KOOKABURRA

Q5. 2008 Summer Paralympics (Beijing) mascot, a multi-coloured ___ (3 points)  COW

The winner this week is Balrub, scoring the full 10 points on offer.

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